Hear what some of our students had to say!

"Paul and his staff gave us the fundamental knowledge to successfully operate our laser welder. We were given ample time on lasers, as well as adequate and informative lecture time. I would highly recommend this course to all laboratories interested in laser welding."
   Jeff Downey, Technic Dental Laboratory

"The information presented and the treatment by the BTI Laser staff was great. It is a well organized and enjoyable course that is very informative, even for the experienced dental technician."
   Dr. Asami Tanaka, Tanaka Dental Enterprises

"The BTI staff are great people that treated us like they have known us for years. The course was a real eye opener as to the possibilities and available areas of use for the laser."
   Jason Fournier, Carlton Dental Ceramics

"This course is GREAT! This is actually the second time I have attended a BTI laser trainig course, and again was very impressed and had all of my questions answered. Thanks for treating me like family."
   Franco Garcia, Becden Dental Laboratory

"Everyone at BTI was kind, considerate and very knowledgeable (even with our laboratory's Alpha laser). The training was thorough and complete, with a class size small enough to allow me the attention I needed."
   Frank Cyphers, Dental Ceramics Inc.

"This course was an awesome experience. The knowledgeable staff at BTI provided me with a great deal more information than I received from the in house training from Laserstar."
   James Phelps, Southern Kentucky Dental Laboratory

"This course could have easily been a week long with all of the information BTI provided. I, like most technicians are constantly striving to find new ways to put my laser to work for me. BTI has (unselfishly) given me a vast amount of new applications to use it for."
   Benjamin Ogden, ADL Dental Laboratory

"What a great course. With such knowledgeable and passionate teachers, this can only make every laboratory better. This by far exceeded my expectations."
   Mark Cornett, Pittman Dental Laboratory

"The class was so informative and motivating that it is exciting to return to the laboratory and improve in laser welding. Thank you for your hospitality and the great experience."
   Lori Levesque, Pittman Dental Laboratory

"This was my second time attending the course, and the learning does not stop. The BTI staff is great and they love to share all of their knowledge with you."
   Lucas King, Shaw-Kingston Dental laboratory

"This course made me realize how many more applications the laser offers than what I knew of. It is an amazing piece of technology which is only going to grow in popularity in the future"
   Aaron King, Shaw-Kingston Dental Laboratory

"I highly recommend BTI's laser course! Pauls knowledge of lasers and laser applications is completely covered in this intense 3 day course. If you have access to a laser, you need this course!"
   Yatz Gundrum, Gundrum Dental Laboratory

"This course was a great eye opener to all of the new technology in laser welding. It taught me that lasers are not just for fixing cases but also a tool for producing cases in a whole new way. This class is a must for every lab with a laser."
   John Perry, Perry & Young Dental Laboratory

"It is quickly obvious that Paul and the staff of BTI truly care about the success of my laboratory in every respect (not just laser welding). BTI has a staff of excellent people, and each of them are a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much to everyone involved!!"
   Tim Smith, Smith Haist Dental Laboratory

"This BTI course is excellent! The staff was great, and the course exceeded my expectations. The BTI training program gives you a good understanding of laser welding, and how to do it right."
   Colin Gibb, Red Mountain Dental Arts

"The most effective teaching comes from instructors who actually perform the same work that they teach. Paul and Bob train based on their personal experience at the bench. This means we can actually use what we learn here. Thank you for offering such an excellent course."
   Stephen Salmon - Rembrandt Dental Studio

"This is an excellent course. BTI Laser is changing the way implants are being done. The fantastic new training facility was only second to the exceptional treatment by the Biogenic staff."
   Lawrence Kunze - Expertec Dental Laboratory

"The course was complete. The instructors covered ALL aspects of laser welding, and helped me realize the importance of a good support team. I was happy to learn from the BEST."
   Scott Ward - Ward Dental Laboratory

"This is one of the best power training situations and exciting courses I've been to in years. The treatment by the Biogenic staff was great, and I would be very interested in attending a future advanced laser welding course."
   John Penner - York Dental Laboratory

"The new BTI training facility had a great set-up. The treatment by the Biogenic staff and the training course exceeded my expectations. BTI is using innovation to trailblaze the future of dental prosthesis through laser welding applications. BTI is the only place to receive this education and product."
   David Kiser - Slagle Kiser Dental Ceramics

"Even though I have been laser welding for about 2 years, this course gave me a better understanding of the reasoning behind the laser, and the welds I have been making. What a confidence booster. Thank you Biogenic for the great hospitality."
   Eric Decker - Green Dental Laboratory

"What a fabulous new training facility! The one-on-one training we received was excellent. The course was well organized and professional, with a great deal of information and new ideas."
   Mike Deckard - Green Dental Laboratory

"There is no doubt: You are the laser gods! I learned much more in the three day course than I would have in a lifetime of trial and error. It should be mandatory to take the course when you purchase the machine! Thank you again for a wonderful weekend of sharing your knowledge."
   Jennifer McCrickard - Lab One

"The course exceeded my expectations. The hospitality at BTI Laser was great. I found the three days to be a very informative, thorough laser training program. Even the portions that I was unfamiliar with were explained in simple terms. I feel this training course has given me the fundamental knowledge to successfully set up the laser welding program for our laboratory."
   Karen Wampler - Expertec Dental Laboratory

"The Biogenic laser training course exceeded my expectations. The state of the art facility was a great set-up. The course was very informative, very user friendly, and presented in a down to earth fashion. Thanks to the Biogenic staff."
   Mike Finley - Medallion Dental Laboratory

"My treatment by the Biogenic staff was great. The course opened my eyes to the many applications of laser welding in the dental laboratory. This course made me eager to apply this technology to our standard operating procedures."
   Wes Casey - Medallion Dental Laboratory

"Being skeptical but open minded about the successful use of laser welding in our lab, I think the Biogenic laser welding course CLEARLY demonstrated the many uses for this magnificent machine. The presentation by Paul was kept very interesting by combining lecture time with hands on time with the welder. Paul was a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of laser welding. By far, the best course I ever attended!"
   Bob Pistory - Broadway Ceramic Dental Studio

"Comprehensive - Presented in laymen terms. I can't wait to perform the first weld on my own welder. Not so afraid of large bridge work and implant cases. The course is AAA, 1st class."
   "Chuck" Thompson - Thompson Dental Studio

"Very Impressive! It's not just about the laser welding technique, but the countless advantages & practical applications that save on labor and materials. Marketing strategies that work in all phases of our industry. Thanks!!"
   Jeff Sparks - Greater Cincinnati Dental Laboratory