Basic Laser Training Program
BTI Laser in-house training program

The following program is for in-house laser training provided at a customers facility.

Program details are as follows:

" Overview and fundamentals of laser welding.

" Assessment of current materials and techniques utilized.

" Evaluation of attendees laser welding skills and quality.

" Conclusion and follow up procedures for continued laser welding success.

Hands on / Demonstration procedures include:

" Crown and bridge - Fixing holes, adding margins and contacts, bridge connections

" Partials  Adding clasps, major and minor connectors, adding a tooth

" Good welds vs. bad welds

BTI will cover as much of the above material as possible with the time available.

Customer will be responsible for supplying all sample cases and demonstrative material as needed. You should also have samples of the alloys used in the laboratory. BTI Laser will provide laser wire, clasp wire and stainless steel samples. BTI can also provide additional video equipment for your laser if necessary.

Additional procedures:

" Overview of parameters

" Preventative maintenance procedures  be sure to have safety glasses on hand. BTI will provide if necessary.

The BTI Laser instructor will provide laser wire materials and practice samples such as stainless steel pieces and wire and ingots. Customer will be responsible for any crown and bridge samples or any case specific materials needed for the class.

The following is a draft of a day-to-day itinerary:

1. Arrive at customer facility on morning of day one. Review the equipment with key personnel who will be in charge of maintenance, and perform all necessary laser maintenance procedures (if necessary). This will ensure that your laser is in optimum condition for training and overall use.
2. Review current laser applications and techniques. It would be most effective if there are only those key technicians that are responsible for the laser welding work that will need to be done in the department.
3. Begin overview of welding parameters, and demonstrate the effects of different parameters on various types of alloys. Demonstrate the differences between a good weld and bad weld. Spend time on practice procedures such as welding stainless steel samples together, and clasp wire to ingots.
4. Begin demonstration on actual cases that would need to be soldered or re-cast. Have samples or actual cases available for demonstrations, and practice procedures. BTI can supply some titanium samples if necessary.
5. Demonstrate product specifics such as fixing holes, margins, contacts, bridge connections and partial repairs.
6. If time allows, finish up with implant demonstrations, Q&A session and overview of all laser applications and equipment maintenance.

Pricing for the above training is as follows:
" In-house laser training $850 per day
" Laser wire, stainless steel samples and clasp wire Included
" Laser maintenance or service (if any needed) TBD
" Travel expenses TBD

Total pricing for trip $850 per day (plus expenses and any necessary maintenance)

Contact a BTI Representative for details on pricing and class availability.

or, email us at

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